Terms and conditions

Leaseholder (hereby referred to as LH) is obligated to read and accept the terms and conditions made by Sluhs Akureyri ehf. (herby referred to as Sluhs) before booking. Guest accepts terms and conditions by finalizing payment.


Sluhs reserves the right to cancel bookings without notice due to, but not confined to, improper or false information provided by LH, improper usage of accommodations or any other reason Sluhs determines as sufficient grounds for cancellation.

Price and taxes

Prices may change without notice. All prices include VAT and other taxes. It is not possible to pay with a gift certificate online. Offers online may begin and end at any time.


All accommodation is paid in advance and payment goes through a secure gateway provided by Kortajnustan ehf. Sluhs reserves the right to charge to LH card any, and all, cost due to, but not confined to,possibledamages, neglect or other causes which may be directly traced to LH.

Cancellation (list price)

Cancellations must be done a week prior to arrival and refund in form of a gift voucher will be issued for future bookings .

Check-in time is at 3:00 pm & check-out at 11:00 am.

Cancellation (special offers)

Room rates include taxes and service charges. At the time of booking this kind of reservation, LH credit card will be charged immediately for full payment of the total amount. No refunds or credits will be issued. Check-in time is at 3:00 pm & check-out at 11:00 pm.

Accommodation and rules of conduct

  1. On weekends (Friday to Sunday) minimum rental for Houses is 2 nights.

  2. LH shall be at least 25 years of age and present for the duration of the lease. Subletting is not allowed

  3. Pets are notallowed

  4. Smoking is not allowed inside houses/apartments.

  5. LH is responsible for everything inside and outside of property leased and commits to paying for any damages caused by LH or guests accompanying LH. LH should make staff aware of any malfunctions or lack of items at the time of arrival.

  6. Arrival time is 3:00 pm and departure is at 11:00 pm. If LH arrives outside of opening hours, keys will be in a key locker on site and and instructions will be given on how to claim the key.

  7. LH is responsible for keys during stay and will be charged if keys are lost or not returned at the end of lease.

  8. No noise is allowed after 10 pm.

  1. All the detached houses and some of the studio apartments have private hot tubs. Children should not be in hot tubs without adult supervision at any given time and guardians are responsible for the safe usage of the hot tubs. Sluhs is not responsible for improper use of hot tubs or if hot tubs are not working due to weather, snow, malfunction or other causes.

  2. The houses have gas BBQs, guests use the BBQs at their own risk. Sluhs is not responsible if BBQ does not work or is not available due to weather, snow, malfunction or other causes.

  3. Free WiFi access is available. Guests use internet at their own risk. Sluhs is not responsible for usage or any malfunction or damage caused by use of WiFi. Nor if the WiFi is not available or guest computers are unable to connect to WiFi.

  4. Every house is equipped with a washer and dryer and guests have access to a laundromat in the service building. Guests use the washing machine and dryer at their own risk. Sluhs is not responsible for damage caused by usage nor does it guarantee that washer and dryer are available due to malfunction or other causes.

  5. Sluhs does not offer any services other than accommodation. If LH needs further assistance outside of opening hours of guest reception, weekdays from 9am-7pm, unrelated to the non-performance of Sluhs, LH might be charged for any extra expenses due to staff being called on site.

Infraction of these terms and conditions may lead to termination of contract and/orextra cost due to repair, cleaning or other causes.


Notwithstanding anything else herein contained to the contrary, Sluhs cannot be held liable for delays or cancellations that are caused by events that are beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, acts of terrorism, insurrections, peace or army action, civil commotion, demonstrations, etc.

Sluhs Akureyri

Bartr 2| 600 Akureyri

Tel. +354 412 0800


kt. 591200-3130 | vsk. 98693

About us

Elegant facilities and a superb location makes Sluhs a popular choice for accommodation in Akureyri.

A quiet and family-friendly environment, away from the hustle and bustle of town life, but still within walking distance to everything that Akureyri has to offer. Sluhs is well located, and only a few properties in Akureyri boast such a great view. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is nowhere better to be.